Stout Tents | KĀMA

Stout Tents has created a cool place for morning meditation, beach lounging, or just stargazing with your pup. KĀMA is a non-traditional picnic blanket and a yoga mat. It is a post hike chillout spot, a campfire bench, or a great spot for a nap.

What you see when you look the Stout Tent KĀMA surface is the colorful shell of our Cordura blend. The highest standard of hardworking fabric, this outer layer will hold up to the folding, the scraping, and the dancing that time well-spent outside will do.

What you don’t see inside KĀMA is Stout Tent’s patented surface that combines a layer of non-toxic, closed cell foam with a panel made of 100% post consumer milk jugs, pill bottles & cosmetic containers fabricated in the USA. With each mat, they keep over 160 plastic bottles out of landfills.


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